An MRI can reveal vital information about your health.



A CT can help you know what's going on within your body.



Discover why many doctors are using ultrasounds to learn about the health of their patients.



Take advantage of our mammography service.


Are You Searching for a Mammography Service?

Rely on us for traditional and contrast-enhanced mammography services, as well as an unmatched range of services. Summit gives you expert, accurate, cost-saving, and compassionate care for mammography services and beyond.

What can Summit Radiology do for you?

At Summit we pride ourselves on providing the clarity and expertise for a confident diagnosis. Depending on
the patient's circumstances he/she can save on all of the diagnostic imaging services we provide, especially
compared to hospital-based rates.

We perform:

We provide the right mammogram services for you. After these or any of our imaging services, we'll provide your results quickly.

Do You Need a Caring Radiologist in Rockford, IL?

A Summit Radiology professional will help you through the imaging process

Are you searching for a radiologist who can help you understand what's happening in your body? At Summit Radiology in Rockford, IL, we understand that you need a compassionate professional. You need someone who will conduct thorough tests and help you fully understand their results.

You can count on any radiologist on our staff to be here for you. Our experienced staff members will support you during this time and inform you of your options. Call 815-654-2486 to speak with us right away.

Learn about our mammograms

Summit Radiology offers 2D, 3D tomosynthesis and contrast-enhanced spectral mammography
services. We're currently the only facility in the region offering contrast-enhanced spectral
mammography service. This kind of mammogram uses contrast to highlight differences in blood flow, which can give a doctor crucial information about your breast health.

If you want to schedule a 2D or 3D tomosynthesis screening mammogram or mammography service, reach out to us right away.

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